Deeply Rooted

Green Heart (And the Green Grass Grows All Aro...

Green Heart (And the Green Grass Grows All Around, All Around) (Photo credit: CarbonNYC)

The bullet whizzed pass my right arm leaving its metallic hot air lingering across the hairs on my skin. Pain and fear although present in my heart remained hidden on the surface. All he saw was clear anger, disgust, and my Brooklyn attitude emanating from my stance. Seconds passed and I still hadn’t noticed the thick red blood oozing down my arm. I dared her to do it. This effect was possibly my fault because while she (his new fiance) was loaded with a gun aimed directly at me, I was loaded with hatred evolved from love aimed directly at him.

The human part of her hesitated momentarily before deciding to pull the trigger, yet I, immediately upon sight and without hesitation, pointed my disdain and evol at him shooting him instantly aiming ever so perfectly at his heart; at his soul. Yes! Perfect hit! His eyes made that clear. I could see that he felt a bit of the pain he put me through. It was bittersweet. My heart clothed in evol began to weep on the inside. Love wept but the dark evol it had grew into wouldn’t let it show. It was now in control and everyone around us could see it.

His fiance stood up deciding not to be a silent witness in this clearly one-sided fight. I forgot she was there. In fact I noticed no one but him. I could only see him. I could only feel hatred’s claws sink into his heart. It was overwhelming but I craved more. She began to address me practically blowing out her lungs. Yelling, screaming, yearning for my attention, begging me to point my aim away from him and at her, but he was my target, only him.

I cocked the gun again ready for the next shot but love hesitated. Consciousness crept up and reality sunk in. I had harmed the one person I once shared my all with. I watched as the part of me within him lost its spirits and took its last breath. It was time for HER to return to me. SHE was rightfully mine. His lips parted and I finally heard that dreaded word … Goodbye. With a wordless response, a single sour tear graced his and my face. We were free. I was whole. And all it took was one single gunshot wound.

This clip derived from a dream. When I awoke it felt so real, I wanted to remember everything that happened so I wrote it down and expanded it. I find that dreams sometimes show you things to point you in the right direction. I think the point of this dream was to help me let go. Mission Accomplished. Sweet dreams readers. 

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