Simply Sweet – Note One

In September, I came across a rough diamond hidden in between mounds of cubic zirconia. It was rare…he was rare. And since my discovery I have had free 24/7 admission into the most wondrous spectacular fire-cracking theme park ever. Here’s what I’ve been and how I’ve been since that discovery…

With you I am not afraid. With you I am spontaneous. With you I am alive. With you I am anything but lonely. With you I am vivacious. With you I stutter and am not embarrassed by it. With you I laugh. With you I scream. With you I trust. With you I dream. With you I am honest. With you I am humble. With you I listen. With you I talk. With you I am swayed. With you I am motivated. With you I have (more) friends. With you I am vulnerable. With you I am resistant. With you I am impressed. With you I am composed. With you I am not ashamed. With you I am expressive. With you I share. With you I experience. With you I am intrigued. With you I am nervous.

In you I find a friend. In you I find solace. In you I find comfort. But With You I am!

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